During the world congress for obstetric ultrasound in Sydney, in October 2018, it was emphasized how important ultrasound is as part of maternity checks. It can contribute significantly to reducing maternal and child mortality.

In Tanzania, most women do not receive a standard ultrasound during pregnancy. That is why the Mount Meru Foundation intends in 2019 to focus on training nurses and obstetricians as an ultrasound operator. You can help us!

We have selected a number of candidates who are trained in collaboration with the hospital or center where they work. Mount Meru Foundation pays their basic ultrasound course of 3 months at the KCMC hospital in Moshi, while the hospital pays the salary so that the cost of living is covered.

After these three months, an additional specialization in midwifery ultrasound is desirable. Foundation Mount Meru therefore provides its own follow-up program of 1 month in which the tricks of the trade are taught in practice under the coaching eye of a local supervisor. The costs of this additional route are borne by the Foundation.

The entire process is concluded with a practical exam. Back at the workplace, the candidate will gain further practical experience and work according to international standards. In the first two years, the candidate will make at least 250 midwifery ultrasounds per year. In addition, the possibility of remote supervision is provided and additional training is provided during working visits of the Foundation. The candidate will also transfer the acquired knowledge to at least one colleague on the work floor.

The total costs for the entire training program will be about 1000 euros.

Do you want to contribute to good mother and child care in Tanzania? Then adopt an ultrasound operator in training. You can do this individually or as a group, and you can sponsor part of the trajectory or the entire trajectory of a candidate. Of course we have set conditions for the future ultrasound scanners selected by us. For more information contact us at stichtingmountmeru@gmail.com or Margriet van der Weel tel.06-505357504
Are you a midwife ultrasound doctor and are you adopting a candidate? Then you can also exchange knowledge with your candidate and perhaps even give them a hands-on training personally. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

In 2019, our first 3 candidates obtained their echo certificate at the KCMC teaching hospital in Moshi. They will be accompanied by us until mid-2021.

The next group of aspiring sonographers are eager to be trained as well.

They also want to improve mother and child care in Tanzania. Will you help them move forward?

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Adopt an ultrasound technician

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