Our project ‘The Mobile Sonographer’ has started. The first application for mobile ultrasound has been received and has been confirmed.
Dr. Maedda recently applied for a mobile ultrasound machine on behalf of the Himo Health Center. It therefore wants to expand pregnancy checks in the surrounding rural areas with ultrasound.
The Himo district is mainly agricultural, with many villages where ultrasound pregnancy care is currently not available. Once mobile ultrasound is available and up and running, we hope to benefit as many as 60 villages.
Our board supporter Sjan de Weert is currently looking for suitable equipment. We hope to purchase the device soon and transport the device to Tanzania as soon as possible.
The scans will be performed by Jackline Shirma, who we have trained for this as part of our ‘Adopt An Sonographer’ project.
The Mount Meru Foundation is happy with the upcoming expansion of maternity care in the Himo area. We will keep you informed!

Project ‘Mobile Sonographer’ !