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The Mount Meru Foundation is committed to improving maternal and child care in Tanzania. Medical facilities are available in the big cities but not in the countryside in the often remote nature areas.

The Mount Meru Foundation has the primary goal of transferring knowledge and expertise in obstetrics and ultrasound to local doctors and obstetricians.

In addition to training, tools such as an ultrasound device are invaluable. Ultrasound is of great importance in the care of pregnant women. With an echo large problems can be detected early.

You can then refer to a hospital so that the birth can take place at the right time and place.


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High mortality

About 1 in 50 babies die in Tanzania around birth and 1 in 250 mothers die around the delivery.


Due to a lack of trained nurses, midwives and tools for making the correct diagnosis, giving birth in Tanzania is a tricky business.


Important tools for good maternity care and birth care such as a (mobile) ultrasound device are often missing.

Tanzanian visit

At the end of September, a Tanzanian delegation visited the Flemish Thomas More University of Applied Sciences. One of the visitors was Dr. Heriel, with whom we work. An excellent opportunity to ...

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that the Mount Meru Foundation announces the passing away of its founder and chairman, Margriet van der Weel-Roem, on August 13, 2022. As a midwife, sonographer, and above all ...

With a smile and a tear: ultrasound device put into use again!

The recently purchased ultrasound device, the Minisono, has made a flying start. A week after installation, the device was ready to go to Tanzania. After signing the user agreement, the device was ...

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